Mix 1tablespoon of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons  of raw honey, Half a lemon not lime please. Scrub your lips with it, rinse off with warm water then apply almond or olive oil. Repeat daily till you see results


Rose petals:
Prepare paste from rose petals by adding butter to it.Apply the mixture on lips rose petals helps to lighten the dark lips try to make it twice in a week for better noticeable results.


Rich Red:

Red is a very popular color and looks great on fair skin. It gives a bold, dashing look to fair skin women with pinkish or rosy hues. You need to experiment with the texture. Stains such as Revlon bitten lipsticks are very popular these days. Even starlets like Sonam Kapoor have been seen sporting the red lipstick

For a complete look, outline the lips with a red lip liner.



This is a playful color and suit young girls the most. Once in a while, it is good to get adventurous and look beyond the conventional colors.

Orange has been the in trend color this year. For a clean look pair it with nude eyes.



This is a great color for everyday wear. You can wear it to office and slick on some lip gloss for a party look. It’s perfect for summers.

Pair this look with nude eyes for a fresh summery look. It is not on the bolder side but can still make your lips look pretty




Coral Pink In Matte:

Here is another lipstick for fair skin and is also good for an everyday look. The color isn’t too bold; it would make your eyes stand out. It also gives you a natural look.

These shades also are known to suit Indian women,especially those who have fair skin.


Step 5;

Use Creamy Blush and Eye Shadow
Powdery makeup will cake up on dry skin and draw attention to lines, creases and wrinkles. Go with creamy cheek and eye colors to harmonise with your foundation. As with applying foundation,resist the temptation to use your fingertips to put on blush and eye shadow. Go with a blush brush and eye shadow brushes to smooth on creams without roughing up your delicate skin

Step 6;

Finish and Set
Here’s one time you may need to use powder: Finish and set makeup by lightly dusting loose powder with a large, fat cosmetic brush before you put on mascara and brow liner. Not too heavily, of course, but just enough to keep your foundation, blush and eye shadow in plac1407769634906_757282e.


Am going to be doing a review on how to apply make-up on a dry skin…. going with 3steps first

First step;

Moisturizing your skin is the No. 1 key to getting makeup to do what you want it to do. Using facial products made for dry skin, cleanse your face, then moisturize three to five minutes prior to applying cosmetic foundation.

Second step;

slather on a layer of makeup primer, this adds a protective barrier while eliminating dry patches and allowing the makeup you’ll apply next to stay put nicely.

Third step;

Creamy foundations and blemish concealers work best for dry skin.
With the proper tools, foundation from a jar, stick or compact will glide onto your skin without a hitch. Be sure to use a brush rather than your fingertips to apply concealer, then foundation….

Will continue tomorrow


A1406931160242_644386ipply a natural eyeshadow close to your skin tone all over the lid, with a blending brush, apply a mid tone brown on your crease to give your eye some depth and blend well, apply a winged eyeliner for a dramatic effect, apply a mascara and false lashes if needed, easy Right!

This eyes can be paired with any colour of lipstick, so have fun *muah*



Basically, When you contour, all you’re doing is accentuating your natural features. There are two main techniques: lowlighting and highlighting.

What is highlighting and lowlighting :?

Lowlighting refers to using a darker color wherever there’s an area of the face or feature you want to recede. Use a product to shades darker than your own skin and make sure your product is matte, never frosted or shimmery

Highlighting….this you do on areas you want to emphasize or bring forward. For highlight, you can use either matte or frosted/shimmery color, whichever you prefer.


TECHNIQUES 1; Contouring With Concealer

Use a cream concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone and one shade lighter dan your skin tone…If u ve uneven skin u mite want to get a third one that’s your exact shade

I always advice foundation application b4 contouring cos the concealer needs sumfin to stick to for proper blending.

1. Apply the concealer that’s your exact shade to blemishes or dark spots first

2. Apply foundation and blend properly
3. Using a flat foundation brush apply the concealer that’s a shade lighter to under the eye areas to top of the cheekbones. Make sure to extend it the outer corners
4. Apply the same concealer to forehead, cupid bow, and before jaw area(use pic for reference)



5. Apply d same concealer to the bridge of nose and chin

Note: What I do is blend out immediately…why??? If d concealer starts to dry before u blend or set with powder…it starts to make d areas crease…especially under eye areas

6. Nw taking d concealer 2 shades darker..make a fish face(very important) and put in the hollows of your cheeks

7 .Apply to the sides of your nose, jaw areas and hairline(temples) areas
8. Blend
9. Set ur highlight…use a powder same shade with the concealer use for highlighting or lighter( b careful nt to go too light)
10. Apply powder to face(exact shade) avoid highlighted areas
11. I Apply a dark bronzer(no shimmer) to areas where I contoured(put the dark concealer)…. Apply your blush…

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

After seeing lots of you tubers using this, I decided to get it, so i decided to try it, i love it! I am still experimenting with it but so far it works great. Very versatile as you can smudge it or use it more defined. It lasts a long time and it is very buildable you can go as thin or thick as you want with your liner. its a good buy.1406663658157_679601

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